Monday, March 12, 2007

Body Performance Golden Moisturizer,Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is introducing a new moisturizing and self tanning product called Body Performance Golden Naturally Radiant Moisturizer. It's a long name, but a great lotion.

The best part: it dries fast, really fast. I applied, rinsed my hands and the lotion had dried completely.

The lotion also contains a host of hydrators to really moisturize your skin while building subtle color each day. Containing Linoleic acid, Wheat Germ, and Safflower oils, as well as Vitamin E and Aloe Juice, this can be used as an everyday moisturizer.

It goes on smoothly, goes right into skin and only has a light smell that we all know self tanners give off. Some barely there fragrance also helps to diffuse that. There is the barest of shimmers in the lotion.

I have applied 2 times so far, and have just a hint of color. According to the directions, a full tanned look would take a week.

I definitely see moisturizing properties here as well. No need for other body lotion, and it's still chilly here.

Body Performance Gold will be in stores in April, and will retail at 35.00 for a 6.7 oz. tube

sp. thanks to jessica malone

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