Thursday, March 15, 2007

Projectionist Mascara from Estee Lauder Review

Estee Lauder's newest mascara is Projectionist. I have been wearing this for the past 4 days, and I am impressed.

This mascara gives very precise definition and length. Each lash seems to get covered , and comes out very long.
This is one of the best of the many new mascaras I have tried( and tried... my pick for best drugstore mascara in case you were wondering is Cover Girl Volume Exact) There was no smudging, no clumping, no running. It makes your lashes look beautifully defined, individually.Although it does say it is volumizing, I get some volume, but more length. I am happy with that. I really like how it looks.

It seems that Chanel's Inimitable has become the go to high end product these days, and while I do love that, and it does all it says, I do get smudges under my eyes after most of the day. Sorry, but I do want an all day masacara. I had used and loved Magnascopic from EL before, Projectionist is better than both.

The mascara comes in a really long, lean tube, with the new trademarked ProDefinition brush and retails for 19.50 ( a pretty good price point , I think).

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