Sunday, March 4, 2007

Parfums MDCI Review

I have had the opportunity to test the new fragrances from Parfums MDCI. There are 3 for women, and 2 for men. First I am reviewing one of the womens scents: FK2. The reviews of the other 2 womens's scent will follow in a day or 2. I need more time with them.

Parfums MDCI is headed by Claude Marchal. Depsite having a very high priced product, he seems very accessible and truly pleased that there is such interest in his fragrances, and wants very much for people to enjoy them.

The fragrances currently come with a crystal topper made by the lost wax method. For the crystal flacon ,plus 2 refills it's approx. 600.00.
However, the company is coming out with a more affordable, but still beautiful, Limoges flacon topper to make the fragrances more accessible to all. These will retail at around 200.00 I believe.

The original crystal toppers look amazing, a work of art, inspired by images from the French and Italian Renaissance. Making anything in the lost wax method is a laborious and time consuming process, but well worth the effort. Many sculptures are done this way. I know some on various boards and blogs did not find the toppers to their tastes, but I absolutely love them. However, I know I have mentioned before how much I love art and objet's d'art. Parfums MDCI totally fit that bill. They are very old world classical. I would love to see one sitting on a table at my home, just being decorative, let alone containing the beautiful fragrances.
All 3 women's fragrances were created by esteemed perfumer Frances Kurkdjian.
FK 2, now named Rose Di Siwa:
This is most definitley a rose fragrance but a soft rose. There is also a touch of sweeteness to it, but not in a fruity way. Rose Di Siwa is light, and a more modern rose. As it dries down, a violet note emerges, that eventually becomes a faint, almost candied violet. The drydown finds the violet less prominent and the rose becoming even softer. I also get a slight touch of musk. This is not an overwhelming, in your face fragrance.
Rose Di Siwa seems to have light to medium sillage. That may be different with a spray, as opposed to dabbing. I am very much of the mind that a spray gives you much better idea of the scent.
I could see myself wearing this a lot, it is simply pretty.

The official notes are : Litchee, peony, hawthorne, turkish and moroccan roses, violet, cedar, musk and vetiver.

The full fragrance list is as follows
FK1: "Promesse de l'Aube"
FK 2: Rose de Siwa"
FK 3:" Enlévement au Sérail"
SB1:." Invasion Barbare"
PB1: "Ambre Topkapi"

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