Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kate Somerville Golden Glow Kit

Kate Somerville wants to help you get your summer glow on. It's no secret she makes the most amazing self tanner. Now you can get a set for face and body all in one.

The body towelettes are one of the best self tanners I've ever used. They give an even tan that turns out a warm , golden glow. And the tan last longer than most. I get a full week of color when I use it .

The face pads are super cute,  and you just wipe it all around your face, remembering to include ears and  under the jawline.

And finally, it comes with an Exfolikate,  which should be your first step to get skin smoothed and ready.

The kit contains:

6 Body Towelettes
6 Face Pads
.5 oz Exfolikate

Golden Glow Kit is $ 58.00 and qualifies for  free shipping on

Also available at 

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