Monday, July 30, 2012

Target Fall Fashion 2012

Target has released the images for their fall lines collections. Mossimo, Merona and more. I have to say, I haven't a seen a group of items this good from them in awhile. Not that I don't love Target , I surely do, but I've got my eye on a lot of pieces from fall.

 You might notice my  preference for plaids and leopard here, as they show up in many of my favs.   Fall staples in my opinion.   There is also what looks to be a really pretty, polished peplum dress. With sleeves. I may have to sit down, wait I am sitting. Sleeves make me so happy.  And  a fab tan trench. Everyone needs a trench and $ 49.99 makes it much more affordable.

These will begin to hit stores in early August, will rollouts all month into mid -September.

Anything here catch your eye ? There is so much more, this is just a small sampling. Accessories post to come next.

Mossimo Peplum Dress $ 27.99

Merona ankle pant  in brown plaid, black watch plaid or leopard $ 27.99

Merona two tone  tan trench $ 49.99
Merona leopard  knit top $ 24.99
Mossimo Owl sweater $ 22.99

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