Monday, July 2, 2012

A Derecho Is Not A Beauty Term

We got hit with that awful storm this weekend they are calling a Derecho.  I didn't have power Friday due to a  different storm, got it back and 9 hours later  it went out again.  Not a fun weekend at all but thankfully we have the pool and by last night a generator. So I camped on a lounge chair in the garage where there is a wall unit.  Exotic, I know. But it was cool and that's what I needed.

What you find out out in a heatwave with no power is just how little you care how you look. I went out with wet hair clipped up, mascara and Bobbi Brown Lip Treatment. Nothing more. That rarely happens .  But it was 99 and I  just wanted something to eat.

Blessedly power was back  in the middle of the night. Thanks to the electric repair people who I know are busting themselves 24/7 in the heat.  I am glad to have my power back and AC.

So I have lots of cool things to blog about  as soon a s I can. New posts coming soon.

To anyone who may still be out of power, I feel for you and hope you have it asap.

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