Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50

Happily this has been the summer of great SPFs for oily skin. Last year brought some great ones too, so to have as wide a choice as we now do is super.

Newest on the sunscreen block is one from skincare line Algenist- Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid.  The name kind of says it all, it is lightweight and has a high SPF. What I like about it is that while it's light, the formula is  a little thicker than most of my others and I think , and this may be just me, that it makes it stick to skin even better. It still sinks right in and isn't noticeable on skin .  It also does nicely at  keeping skin  matte  and makes a good base.

Algenist's chief ingredient in their skincare is Alguronic acid and that's in here as well.  Alguronic acid is found in micro algae and is said to help cell regeneration and fight aging.

 UV Defense is oil free and basically non hydrating. There is a little, enough for someone like me with oily skin  in this hot weather. If you are dry to normal you may need more moisture.  It is broad spectrum containing 2% titanuim dioxide,  17.1 %  zinc oxide and 7.5 % octinoxate.  The liquid is white , but it goes on clear, blending right in.

Botanical ingredients include Echinacea, Uva Ursi , Camellia Leaf and Licorice Root extracts.

Available exclusively at  www.sephora.com  for $ 38.00 for 1oz .

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