Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Softsoap Tropical Twist Shower Gel

Softsoap is one of those brands that surprised me when I first tried some of their then new scents a few years ago. There was  Pink Grapefruit ( now dc'd I think) and Juicy Pomegranate and Mango.  I remember thinking, these are so good, how could they possibly be mass market? Yes, I might have been a little bit of a shower gel snob. But the mass markets brands have turned it up big time in recent years and I love that for less than $ 4  you can get one that smells that great.

Which brings us to the 2 new Softsoap LE shower gels that are exclusive to Wal Mart( I do wish they were stocked everywhere). If you read this site even a little you'll have noticed how much I love citrus. so naturally Tropical Twist was the one I went right to. And it's that good.  While it's said to smell like pineapple, citrus and freesia, my nose smells mostly all citrus- especially grapefruit and lime. It's transporting and leaves the bathroom with a lovely scent as well.

The other scent , Coconut Island Bliss is no slouch either. It's very pina colada on the beach but with a hint of mango instead of pineapple.

Both are very moisturizing but not heavy, which won't do in summer, and lather up well. Get a little vacay in the bath with these.

Grab them until October at all Wal Mart stores for $ 3.48.

*** press sample received for review purposes

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