Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kiehl's Aromatic Blends - The Body Lotion

 I tweeted after I tried these, that Grapefruit scent in a Creme de Corps formula was a total win. That pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the body lotions from Kiehl's new Aromatic Blends line. The lotion is super creamy and ultra moisturizing but not that heavy using shea butter and an blend of oils including avocado, sweet almond and sesame and no silicones. It sinks in pretty fast and smells amazing.

The Nashi Grapefruit is all  zippy grapefruit  for about 15 minutes then a little bit of a floral scent pops out. It's quiet but there. The scent here lasts nicely but not super long, it is, however a great way to lightly fragrance during the day or to layer with  the matching perfume.

The Orange Flower and Lychee is a very light scent. The Orange Flower is not too pronounced nor is the Lychee. It's very soft , sheer and delicate. Not fruity at all but a white floral .

Kiehl's has went to great lenghts to make these scents as true as possible from what I read. They used top quality ingredients but also less ingredients than  traditional fragrances, meaning  there is a larger proportion of the main ones. What I translate this  as, is they did not give in to trying to make these scents a huge blend of un-needed notes. There's no aquatics,heavy musks, dewy florals. Just the scents listed. This is a good thing.

The two other scents in this line containing body lotion, shower gel and fragrance are
Fig Leaf and Sage, and Vanilla Cedarwood.

Fragrance 30ml: $40.00, 100ml: $75.00, Collection: $55.00
Skin Softening Body Lotion $ 26.00
Skin Softening Body Cleanser $ 24.00

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