Friday, July 27, 2012

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist

Carnal Flower is a sexy scent, a big scent and a beautiful one. That Frederic Malle has come out with a matching hair mist is genius. Can you imagine swishing your hair all over and that scent wafting out ? Va Va Voom indeed. Plus it's a  nice way to wear fragrance anyway. I've always been fond of the hair spritz with my fragrances .

In case you're not familiar, Carnal Flower is a bold but not overpowering( to me, at least)  green tuberose.  The green notes temper the bold , creamy tuberose and a small hint of coconut lends a slightly tropical feel. It's simply gorgeous.

The Hair Mist is $ 160.00 at  and


chatchien said...

I wonder if the Hair Mist is like an Eau de Toilette? Or a cologne?

I would like to try a Frederic Malle scent, but oh the price! I'll save my money for Enlèvement au Serail but without the Resin bust. What is the purpose of that Resin Bust? I keep all my perfumes in their boxes inside another box to preserve them. I only take them out to use and then put them back in their dark, cool boxes. I have samples of this perfume and I save it to wear on a blue day or a fierce day.

I'm wearing Dune by Dior today.

What is your "I would love to buy that perfume but I can't justify the expense" perfume?

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi CC,
I haven't tried the hair mist yet so can't compare it to an EDT etc. I imagine though . it is a lighter formulation than the perfume .

Parfums MDCI are wonderful. I've had the chance to meet the founder and see the bottles in person. They are not resin but bisque. Now I do hear there are new busts in a different material, but the original ones were very pretty. That said they are extremely expensive. And you can buy the refill or the trial set which is really nice .

I have too many- I would love to buy perfumes. It's a long list.