Sunday, February 11, 2007

YSL Beaute Lip Twins Duo, Art for the face

There are many beautifully packaged lipsticks out there, Guerlain's is a personal favorite, but this new one from Yves St. Laurent takes top prize. The companies are constantly trying new looks and ideas to capture our dollars, and this lovely will do it.

It looks like an ornament,or piece of art, almost. Something you could stand on your desk, or dresser. The one side has the YSL name etched in silver, the other shows one shade of lipstick.

The case conceals two complementary shades of lipstick (satin and sheer) and a brush. It comes in 12 different shade combos.

You can see a pic in the new Elle magazine's large Saks ad layout. Retails for 30.00
I need no new lipsticks( how many of us really do?) but who
could resist? No doubt that was part of the design master plan.

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