Thursday, February 8, 2007

Random Post: You know you've had a long day when....

It's been a crazy few days. We all have days when we just get a mowed down feeling. For me Tuesday was one of those. ( and yes this is actually beauty related, I'll get there)

That night I almost used toothpaste to take off my eye makeup.

So : You know you've had a LONG day when you grab the Colgate to use on your eyemakeup. Thankfully, I noticed that it wasn't quite what I wanted before I used it.

Feel free to share your long day woes. It'll be cathartic.
Photo: Dog Gone Bad, source unknown( and I in no way wish to promote smoking, but this is just the perfect pic for my post).

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the movie mommy said...

I have days when I don't remember if I showered. With my two little can be long days. Today I am potty training my son...and anxiously waiting to hear about a job...probably not til Monday. It's going to be a long weekend. I almost put the mac & cheese box in the frig yesterday.
A long day is when you are up til the wee hours making fake poop out of brown playdoh.
I deal with it by just enjoying my favorite show in the evening...or falling asleep during my favorite show. By the time the kids are bathed and in bed...I feel completely drained. Some days more than others.
But tomorrow is of course...another day...