Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Off topic: Westminster Dog Show/DOGS

Off topic, but personally, I feel that there's nothing more beateous than the Dog. The most perfect being in the universe.

A big congratulations to this years Westminster Kennel Club Best In Show, James the English Springer Spaniel. He presented himself so beautifully,( and with no makeup that we know of ) .

For all of you who may have watched, and don't have a dog and are now thinking about getting one, please heed those sweet, and sad Pedigree commercials, and adopt a dog from a shelter or a breed rescue. The most wonderful ones are out there just waiting for a good home.

You can find links to the ASPCA and Petfinder .org on my blogroll. Feel free to leave a message in comments if you want more info as well. I'd be happy to help.

For those that have dogs, just love them all you can.

Dogs Rule.

PS: Despite doggies needing no makeup, my German Shepherd and the amazing one before her, both have eyes that sport the most perfect " eyeliner " you'd ever want to see. So, see it's all beauty related after all :)


the movie mommy said...

I did watch some of the show. I always love the working group. I have a soft spot for Rotties!

jessica said...

I didn't get to see the show or the winners, but I saw some of the contestants, which were really too cute. Check them out:

Biby Cletus said...

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