Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Silver Nail Polish

Silver nail polish is going to be the trend in nails for Spring and into fall . I have always loved silver polish and thought I'd post a pic of two of my oldie but goodies. They are Fluorine( metallic) from Chanel, and Gunmetal from the Revlon Streetwear line( this was such a great line).

The Chanel isn't showing up overly well, but it is a dove grey/silver metallic with a hint of lilac. The Gunmetal is a hardcore silver, darker, shimmery. Both are great, I reach for the Streetwear more often. It is very molten looking. Thats what you want in a good silver polish.

Some of the runways had the most amazing silver metallic nails , like foil. I loved it. This one from Chanel Spring 2007 is one would love to see at the counters.

No doubt most of the top companies will have some great silvers at the ready, plus you can do like I did, and dig through the stash you already have.

photos by the alchemist and


the movie mommy said...

You know I am not a nail polish person. BUT when I do wear it...I love silver, pewter, gun those colors. Real rock n roll style color. And really does go with anything! Also, I alternate between pewter and red for the Bucs games...that's another fashion story!

Kate Durham said...

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Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi kate, I haven't heard of these, but think at some point I did see glass files mentioned somewhere. they look nice.

JLT Sheppard said...

I only do clear nail polish on my finger nails, but I am definitely going to pick up a bottle of silver for my toes!