Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bond 9 Bryant Park

I had the great pleasure of being able to test in advance the new Bond 9 fragrance, Bryant Park.

I know many were wondering about Bond doing another rose based perfume so soon after West Side, but there is no need to worry. The rose here is very low key , and the other notes are far more predominant. To me West Side is a strong rose, a comfort scent( and a huge favorite of mine). Bryant Park is more like the breeze from a nearby rose bush as it passes by your nose on a sunny day.

The notes in Bryant Park include rhubarb, pink pepper, rose, raspberry, patchouli, and lily of the valley.

The patchouli is very dialed down and just like the rose, provides a nice base for the fragrance. After the initial burst of berry, Bryant Park settles down into a light rose, with the pink pepper coming out, and the berry staying on as well.

This fragrance has a very zesty feel to it, it is lighthearted but not fleeting. It will be a wonderful everyday fragrance and one that should appeal to many. I don't see it as very unisex, but it is also not overtly " girly". It's a breath of spring freshness, that seems to stay close to the skin.

I look forward to testing the actual spray bottle, as that often seems to make a difference.

Bryant Park officially releases on March 1st at the Bond 9 shops, and Saks Fifth Avenue Dept. Stores.

Pricing is available on Bond9 webblog: http://bondno9fragrances.blogharbor.com/blog/Updates

the site also has a lovely description of Bryant Park- the official park and inspiration behind this new fragrance.


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Sali said...

Hi, there! Is this a raspberry Bond?? I think I need to try this--thanks for the review.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Sali, yes this has raspebrry in it, a berry frag. but not too much.

anon-will definitley add your link later today

Thanks all for looking