Thursday, February 11, 2016

ck2 EDT

CK fragrances goes unisex again hitting the well that gave us CK One.

This new fragrance is described as being gender free  and the two pieces of the bottle and cap are meant to be two different pieces in sync  and connected to each other. It also, unconnected, kind of looks like a light bulb, right ? I think it's a neat bottle and presentation.

ck2 starts off with a citrus blast. It's fresh and sharp with an aquatic feel then there is a hint of green with the violet leaf  and vetiver notes. It's got a bit of  a cool dryness from the orris (iris) root which goes well with the violet leaf. As it begins to dry down it seems to become more floral and the rose note is prominent. The full drydown , however, is more smoky and woodsy. The incense is there but in a fairly quiet way along with the sandalwood.

It very much morphs from a more feminine scent with the rose  to a more masculine one with the incense, but is not fully in either direction.  By the drydown it is a bit more man than woman, but I know many strong incense fragrance loving ladies, so the unisex label fits. 

This isn't a super strong fragrance. It's relatively light as fits the EDT formulation.

You can find Ck2  EDT exclusively at Macy's .  $ 75 for 3.4 oz .

Full note list:

Top:       Wasabi, Mandarin, Violet Leaf Absolute
Mid:       Wet Cobblestones, Orris Concrete, Rose Absolute
Dry:        Vetiver, Incense, Sandalwood

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