Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vince Camuto Capri

In time to brighten Winter and for any Spring gift giving is Capri Vince Camuto . It's pretty hard to resist the beautiful bottles of this fragrance line and Capri brings the same ornamentation in blue and silver packaging inspired by sea glass.

Capri starts out bright and juicy with citrus ( grapefruit) then seques quickly into the cool violet leaf note.  That sticks around a little then light dewy florals come along.  Notes in the mid point include frangipani and peach blossom along with violet flower. The peach blossom stays prominent into the drydown  when hints of vanilla begin to pop in. By the full drydown a little vanilla lingers and Capri stays a dewy, musky floral and becomes a soft, close wearing , breezy fragrance.

Full note list:
Violet leaves, juicy pear,pink grapefruit
Red frangipani, peach blossom, violet flower
Musk, vanilla

Capri Vince Camuto is $ 82 for 3.4 oz  and $ 22 for 0.2 oz rollerball.  Available at Ulta.

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