Friday, December 1, 2017

Annick Goutal Holiday 2017

Annick  Goutal's Holiday fragrance is one of my all time favorites.  The combination of citrus and pine  is the scent of a bright forest walk in the sunshine and crisp air .

Each  year there is a  new design and this year they've gone very different but really beautiful with deep blue glass accented with gold holly and pine.

The  Une Forêt d’Or Holiday Candle color scheme lends itself to all Winter and not just the holiday season, and makes a perfect gift . It's the same Noël  candle fragrance we know and love with a new look with orange peel,  mandarin and Siberian pine notes.  $90.00

Also available is the Holiday 2017 Candle Trio . This gives you Une Forêt d’Or , Ambre and Eau d'Hadrien , their iconic zesty citrus fragrance.    $90.00

Annick Goutal Holiday is available at Saks, Neimans  and more. 

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