Sunday, December 3, 2017

Maui Moisture Thickend & Restore Bamboo Fibers Haircare

 Maui Moisture Bamboo Fibers is a  strengthening, moisturizing and thickening duo for stressed hair, brittle hair. 

While my hair doesn't quite fall into that category , it does have some  pretty dry areas mid -ends and ends , and using this for the past few weeks has made a difference.  I've noticed a definite change for the better in my drier areas, needing less leave- in after washing. I've been able to use about the half the oil I used to spray on than before and hair is better conditioned.

 The shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free and have aloe juice as the first ingredient along with neem  oil and coconut water. They deliver a nice dose of moisture  but nothing heavy or over done and it does add some thickness and volume to hair. If your hair is super dry you might need a little more moisture but anybody with normal to dry hair should find this works really well, especially if they have thinner or flat hair that needs a little boost.  The Mom who has thin, fragile  hair and always needs volume  boosting  thought that it worked really well.  It's not easy to get her to try something new  but this passed her tests.

Bamboo is known to be strengthening and strong I can attest to this from the bamboo plants that came with the house and that we simply cannot get rid of no matter what . If even a portion of that strength gets applied to your hair that's a good thing

Maui Moisture is  approx. 8.99 each and available at all mass market outlets. 

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