Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cover Girl Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer

I melt eye makeup at warp speed. Seriously sometimes it starts to fade before I even get out the door depending on formula/brand. It's nuts but true. So a good base is important for me but... many of them don't really make much of a difference for me. 

Enter Cover Girl's new Lid Lock Up Primer.  Did  I think this would be the primer that works better than most I've used? Heck no. But it is. When I use this my eyeshadow lasts far longer.  Most days I've gotten the whole day into evening which is amaze for me. Other times it's been  midday / late afternoon , again depending on brand. (For longest  wear I use mostly MAC , Chanel and NARS). 

  With this I dab some product on lids from the wand  and give it a couple seconds to set.  The thin formula  dries fast and shadow glides right  over it. I don't see any difference in the color or depth of shadow when using this. Shadow looks the same as always, just lasts a lot longer. 

If you're a primer user and have been buying the more expensive ones you might want to give this a try  and possibly save yourself a few dollars. For the more fun things, like shoes and lipstick. 

Cover Girl Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer is $ 7.99 at drugstores and Amazon

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