Sunday, February 11, 2018

Chloe Nomade

Chloe is known for their rose based fragrances like Rose de Chloe and Love Story .  With their new Nomade ,they head in a different direction.

Chloe Nomade reminds me a little of  old school perfumery and '70s/'80s classics. It's not as bold as those but very much a  floriental chypre  with a touch of not too sweet fruit peeking out . It's soft  and cozy , the kind of fragrance meant to stay on your best sweater and will stand up to the cooler temps and layers of clothes .

First spritz brings the oakmoss and spices.  The Mirabelle Plum comes in the mid point and is a good counter to the earthy oakmoss and musks. It is, as I said above, not overly sweet but honeyed, syrupy , darker. Freesia and rose bring the florals with the freesia being barely there to my nose. Nomade is not really about the floral and the rose , so prominent in their other scents, is much less here.

Nomade is more sophisticated than what we often see today in fragrance , it's for an adult woman and that's a good thing. The EDP has medium sillage and it lasts long.

I love the bottle here, too. It mimics the brand's popular handbag design.

 Chloe Nomade EDP is $132 (2.5oz), $105 (1.7oz) and $75 (1.0oz) at
Sephora  now with full distribution in March 

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