Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Neil Morris Fragrances

I had the pleasure of meeting perfumer Neil Morris at the fragrance sniffing event I went to in NY a few weeks ago. He was also part of the group .

Neil is a Boston based perfumer, and has launched his new line Neil Morris Fragrances. Neil is also an incredibly nice, warm guy, who clearly loves what he does and all things perfume in general. He happily passed around test strips of his scents to us, then sent us off with samples of our choice. I have to say that pretty much all the fragrances were quite nice. The samples I got were Midnight Flower, and Zephyr( did I mention they all have great names too?).
I have been able to wear these and try them out longer.

Midnight Flower is a slightly powdery, somewhat old fashioned seeming, red fruit floral- not that too sweet fruity floral, just a nice blend of them. The notes include Sweet Orange, Gardenia, Fig infused with Green Tea, and Musk and Patchouli.

Zephyr is a burst of citrus scented air that blows by you. ( and I thought that before I read Neil's notes that it was inspired by just such a breeze).It has slightly ozonic notes to me, and that could be from the Ocean Musk in the notes. It is refreshing, then becomes a bit more fruit and gourmand like. I think thats the white tea coming out. I like it a lot, and these all have good lasting power. The other nots in Zephyr include Tangerine and Papaya, Honeysuckle ,Casblanca Lily, Sandalwood, Amber.

Neil Morris's fragrances were well received by many in our group and some have gone on to purchase them.

You can read all about the fragrance, and order at the website

They retail for 2 oz at 95.00

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