Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ralph Rocks

Ralph Rocks is the newest fragrance from Ralph Lauren launched a couple months ago. This is another great for summer fragrance. The tag line says it's for the rebellious , independent and free spirited. In other words- just try it, it may be you.

The fragrance begins a bit like a creamsicle then the amber comes along, with orange blossoms and a touch of vanilla, which must be the whipped milk accord the notes list.

Ralph Rocks is a very sunny, fun , warm perfume. It's a bit floral, a bit fruity and a touch gourmand. It's an ambery -coconut scent in a bright orange bottle that says Summer.

At the Ralph Rocks official website you can listen and download songs by Scottish singing sensation Paolo Nutini, as well as get more info on the fragrance.

Ralph Rocks retails for:

1oz 28.50(

1.7 oz 45.00

3.4 oz 59.50

Bath products will be added to the line in June


sp. thanks to S. Cooney

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