Friday, June 22, 2007

C Shock Color Swatched

Got my hands on some C Shock and I have to say it is way more wearable than you would think. The colors mostly are sheer. I took pictures of some of the shadows and lipsticks on my hands to give you an idea. From right I have on Eyepopping- acid green yellow which you can barely see here, I wore this today and it goes on really well, almost semi matte and looks nice, Fab & Flashy- orangy bronze, Wondergrass, a beautiful green that is the love child of Swimming and Juxt, and Big T, a deep teal that does not go on sheer but on one with dark hair and eyes would look great.

The lips are Overrich lipstick- I LOVE this, sort of close to a Paul and Joe favorite from last year, Sugar Shock Lipgelee- very sheer berry, She-Boom Lipgelee, a fushia like deeper tint.

These colors are sort of an 80s look according to MAC, but I see that mainly in the lip products. The eyes were not so strong in color then( although bright yellow was one used), but the lips , yes. Hot Pink was big. C Shock also has a nice medium berry pink lipstick, and a pale blue lipstick. It really is blue on too. That is 80s for sure. You had to rock the New Wave or Punk scene but it was there.

I am pleasantly suprised by this collection and they are so fun to look at. There may be something for you even if you don't think it. C Shock is on the counters until July 18th.

photos : the Alchemist

Sp. Thanks to H.P

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