Saturday, June 16, 2007

New From L'Occitane

Per Elle, there are 2 new, interesting products from L'Occitane to help our overheated selves . Cooling Mousse for legs, and powder-gel for feet. Now I remember the Body Shop leg cooling gel and spray. The spray was ok, the gel ok. I think these look worth trying and hopefully are better than the Body Shop.

L'Occitane also has a Lemon Verbena deodorant out( also cooling)

"This alcohol-free stick deodorant:- glides on very easily and dries fast- prevents bacteria development, that causes body odor- has the long-lasting scent of the fresh and sparkling citrus. Formula free from alcohol, paraben and aluminum salt."

This is a must try. Sells for 15.00. No prices on the other products yet, and they have not been listed on the website yet,either.

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