Monday, June 18, 2007

NIOXIN Hair Care

I was given the opportunity to try out several NIOXIN Hair Products awhile ago. Some of the products weren't what I needed, so to give them a fair shake, I shared them with two guest testers with hair difficulties. One is a double processed blonde who needs volume, and moisture for her fine hair, but not greasiness. The other is a man who spends all day in the sun, has thin hair and has an itchy scalp a lot. We were all impressed and happy with what we tried.

Ok here we go:

NIOXIN Treatment System 7

I tried the shampoo from NIOXIN treatment set 7 .This set is for medium coarse, normal to thin, chemically enhanced hair. It contains GlycoColor Shield which is said to help the hair retain color.

Now I was worried that this would be too much moisture for my hair, as I have oilier hair, but do have highlights also. I waited to use until after highlights were added again. This shampoo cleans really well, but does not overly mositurize. It's just right. I used light conditioning and my hair stayed great. I like the idea that it will help keep the highlighting from fading as fast. I have used it for 2 shampoos so far. Obviously , I need to wait a little longer for full results, but overall I like this, and will buy it again.

Deep Repair Hair Masque

Our Double Processed Blonde tested the Deep Repair Hair Masque. Her word to me was " fantastic". She said" that hair repair is fantastic". Now these are serious words of praise from a lady who has a closet full of reject hair products both high and low end. She has been using Aveda Deep Conditioner for some time, and she is thinking of staying with the Nioxin now.

She said it not only really softened the hair (almost too much if left on too long) but it even boosted volume . Her hair looked great.

It is recommended to leave it on for 5 minutes for best results.It is meant for seriously damaged hair.

The test of tests to her was the consistency of the product. It was very thick in the tube, a sign of a good one.

System 7 Scalp Therapy

Our guy tried the scalp therapy from my treatment system set . The scalp therapy is put on in the shower after shampooing, left on for a couple minutes and the rinsed out. It conditions the hair and scalp, moisturizing both. He thought it worked very well. A man of few words. However, I noticed right off that his hair seemed softer, and fuller. Much less dry than before.

He also said it did seem to calm the itching scalp.

NIOXIN Products are available at Ulta stores and many salons ( listed on the NIOXON website)

www. NIOXIN .com

Treatment System 7 retails for 39.99

The Deep Repair Masque is 13.99 for 5.1 ounce and comes in a larger size.

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