Friday, December 21, 2007

Bobbi Brown Spring - Pink Raspberry

Bobbi Brown's new Spring collection is called Pink Raspberry and will launch next month( although I have seen it some places already).

The collection is a mix of neutrals and brighter pinks and includes a palette, glitter lip gloss, rouge pots, a lip sheer ,and my favorite of the collection- lip crayons.

I love lip crayon type lipstick, and it's not alwasy easy to find them. Benefit made a good one , but I am not sure it's still out, and NARS are too matte for my taste. These are creamy, and last very long. They leave a nice stain behind too, after they have worn off some. A crayon gives you that perfect outline right off without liner. Both shades Pink Raspberry and Wild Raspberry are neutral pinks .

The palette has two shadows, one a vanilla like shade, and a deeper grey. The pink blush is bright one, and would work great on darker skin, but was too much for me. Of course I didn't try lightening it up with powder , which would work too. It's very pretty though. Two pretty pink- brown neutral lipsheers round out the palette. It's a great all around to have in the bag.

I love how glowy the model looks in the main picture.

The Pink Raspberry Face Palette sells for 55.00

Lip Crayons $ 22.00
Glitter and Popsicle gloss 22.00
Pot Rouge $ 22.00


theminx said...

Sephora makes crayon-style lip gloss pencils that I love, except they need to be sharpened often.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Yes, i forgot abiut those, my mom has had some and thought they were decent. I think they all will need sharpened often, but so far I haven't done these after 3 wears each i think.