Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lancome L.U.C.I. and Thakoon

Ok, the Christmas packages haven't even been opened yet, and here come the early winter and spring collections.
Next month Lancome releases on interesting new line called L.U.C.I.

From Lancome :
"LUCI stands for Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence and it’s the latest technology from the LancĂ´me laboratories. Gucci Westman, was captivated by the beauty of sand, the iridescence of shells and the play of light on water at different beaches around the world and turned to the labs to bring her inspiration to reality.
Iridescent color, like that found on a butterfly’s wing or a bubble, is the result of an optical phenomenon where hues of an object change color based on light interference and viewing angles.
The formula of this makeup looks white to the eye, but when applied to the skin or on top of another product, it creates a spectacular transformation. Each of the colorless color particles acts as tiny light chambers, capturing and intensely refracting light for an iridescent finish.

I had fun testing a few of the products. The favorite was the Color Fever Shine lipstick in the photonic shade Luminous. Totally white in the tube ,when applied it flashes like aurora borealis but with more pink . Lots of shimmer, and by itself is a really pretty color. It can also be blended over other lippies to tone them down, shimmer them up etc. The collection also includes a bright pink ( Desert Pink) lipstick , and the two combine well. In my swatch picture from left to right is the two combined, the pink one alone, and the photonic one alone.

The Color Fever Glosses come in 3 shades. I tried the pink one, which while bright pink in the tube goes on a bit more sheer, and the seashell color which is a barely there cream.
I have always loved the Color Fever glosses, I think they have great color payoff.

The line also has Ombre Glacee a creamy iridescent highlight for eyes, that again looks white but has flashes of color when applied, and could work for cheeks as well.

An eyeshadow duo that I didn't test but I love the look of since it contains a bronzey shade with a photonic one, a photonic eyeliner, and an illuminating powder brush rpund things out.

Next up Thakoon lipstick called Pixel Pink. The last in the Pret a Porter line, this one looks like a real winner. Super raspberry in the sample, it goes on sheer and with a slight gloss. It ends up stain like and will be perfect for summer looks. My swatch is not on a hand this time, so the sheerness doesn't come thru, but the more neutral look of the shade does I think.
Pixel Pink will come out in March.


theminx said...

I love iridescent things, and that photonic one looks fun. A shame I'm probably too old to carry something like that off.

Beauty Alchemist said...

No you are SO not. My mom is using and loving the photnic lippie and it looks great.