Monday, December 31, 2007

Tops of 2007

Annie over at Blogdorf Goodman has organized her annual end of the year “ Best “ lists from fellow bloggers. I am happy to be here for my first year. Many of my favs are ones that I have reviewed in past posts, but at least you know I really do like/use what I talk about and review. The list tends to be fragrance heavy as well, but many good ones hits the stores this year. It is also not in any particular order.
Feel free to weigh in with your “ Best Ofs “, and Happy New Year.

Guerlain Iris Ganache- My favorite release of the year I think. Guerlain had some great releases, and this one I splurged on. Cool , crisp and ever so slightly gourmand. The ganache note is just the right touch of chocolate. Not heavy or cloying, but more pastry like. It blends with the chilled iris and lasts super long. Honorable mention goes to the company’s Spiriteuse Double Vanille, a stunning warm , smoky vanilla. I don’t normally go for vanilla, and the tobacco note is hard for me to like, but all together this is one winner.

Couvent des Minimes Hand Cream- At last years after Christmas sale at Bath and Body Works I got a tube of this. I had already gotten the gift set for 2 people. The holiday scent was orange cinnamon so I had to have it. I love it,as did every gift recipient. I think it’s even better than the original L’Occitane which this seems to be a copy of. Really rich but not greasy, it sinks in, smells wonderful and really gets the job done. I have since gotten backups in the Honey Lemon scent. At the sale this year they are in the 75% off bin and sell for 1.10. Well worth it, and since I think they may be being discontinued, stock up while you can.

Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation- If someone had told me that I would try a Maybelline foundation, a non oil free one no less, and that it would turn out to be so good and make my skin look so perfected that people would tell me how good I looked, I would never have believed it. (Not that I have a bias against drugstore brands, I am a huge fan of L’Oreal Foundations). Maybelline has done some decent ones in the past but none have overwhelmed me until now. Superstay Silky is a base and foundation 2 part-er that comes out together. Sometimes I don’t even use the primer side, but either way my skin looks great, completely covered and not too heavily made up.

Nioxin Shampoo- I never thought I needed a specialized shampoo. I have easy to deal with hair, but after trying this I was amazed at how much better my hair looked, styled and most of all held on to color. They tell you this line is made for colcor rentention, and I never knew what a difference there was until I used this. Even my hairdresser noted how long the color lasted compared to previous times.

Mac Tendertones- MAC came out with a lot of goodies this year, and many are favs, but to pick one would be Tendertones. I have Purring, which has a just there orange tint, full of shine and some shimmer. Best of all they really moisturize. I love a good lip conditioner and these totally fit the bill. They have it all in one, and I think would be the only lip product you would need if, say, you found yourself in Aspen or Telluride, ready for skiing or sleighriding wrapped up in your shearling. Not that I’ll be there. Sounds good though, doesn’t it? . At least I do have a shearling and a sleigh.

By Kilian- one of the best perfume lines launched recently. Some have been put off by the pretentious sounding PR copy on the website, but forget all that. Kilian Hennessey is totally unlike that in person. He is very nice, and super informed about all things perfume. His line of six scents is fun, unique, sophisticated and smells great. Beyond Love is my favorite, a creamy tuberose with a hint of animalic notes that are barely perceptible.

Parfums MDCI- The best of the new releases, edging By Kilian just a bit. What a year to have 2 great French perfumes lines introduced and to have been fortunate to meet both Frenchman behind them. Claude Marchal is totally charming, and really wants people to love his perfume. His bottles are hand created works of art, and the fragrances within, worthy of the bottles. These say Tres Chic all the way. My favorite of the 3 is Rose de Siwa, I feel so elegant when wearing this.

Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick- It isn’t always easy to put a new spin on lipstick. Estee Lauder this year did it well. The new lipsticks are full coverage, super creamy and come in a wide choice of colors. They also have a very old school pretty case that has some good weight in your hand. Everyone I know who has tried them loves them.

Clarins Color Quench Balm- Hands down the best moisture giving, color depositing gloss/balm. Not new, but it was to me, as I got with a gift card after Christmas last year. Loaded with shea butter, it is super soft and creamy on, and will keep your lips moist all day, all winter. The line is also rich color drenched. You can get pale shades, as well as reds, oranges, and nice neutral browns like mine. At last a lipgloss that does it all. The color lasts long, and it has a great fruity scent.

Neil Morris’ Dark Season Perfume. This one makes it in under the gun, as I just got a sample this week. A winter comfort scent containing balsam fir needle, cinnamon, dark vanilla, myrrh and more. Inspired by a winter in Finland, with outdoors-y and indoors warm notes.

Johnson & Johnson Soothing Naturals Soothe and Protect Balm- a convenient stick that can be used on lips, hands etc. Great for when you don't want to apply hand lotion all over i.e after you just did your nails.

Clinique Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift Firming Cream- at last an anti-aging product that I can use all the time and not break out from as it comes in a version for combination oily-oily skin. I get the anti-aging benefits and some moisture but just a little. Perfect. It really does firm, and make the skin look good. My number 1 skin product right now.

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  • Thanks Annie for putting this together .


    Grayburn said...

    Wonderful! I have fallen for the Guerlain Iris. Thanks very much and a beauti-ful 2008 to you!

    Beauty Alchemist said...

    right back at ya

    Henna said...

    Some great perfume picks that I can't wait to try them this year.

    Have a happy new year!

    Carla said...

    I think I'll have to try that honey lemon scented hand cream. I've really been liking Elizabeth Arden's hand cream but the scent isn't really all that great. I really liked that hand cream in their original honey scent but I bet honey lemon is just as nice. :)

    Happy New Year!

    Anna Maria Pellizzari said...

    I think the Estee Lauder lipstick will be the next I add to my collection. Now that I think about it, I own just about every well-known brand of lipstick except EL; not sure why. But it's a classic must-have!

    Victoria said...

    I'll be checking out that Nioxin Shampoo and the EL Lipsticks, thanks!
    Happy New Year,

    Gaia said...

    Lovely list. I've been meaning to check out Neil Morris for some time now. You just gave me another reason.
    It's so nice to "meet" another perfume lover, and a fellow Jerseyan, no less.

    Happy New Year!

    Jeanne said...

    Tendertones made my list, too -- I have Pucker and Tender Baby, and they're great. I wish they'd made them permanent (even if it was only in two or three colors), like they did with some of the Slimshines. And that Guerlain Iris Ganache sounds amazing.

    risa said...

    ooooh, i will definitely try that maybelline. i've been looking for a foundation that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. :) i'll also check out the Perfumes MDCI - i've not been blown away by the By Kilian scents, but i like the concept behind the MDCI ones. :) thanks so much for this great list!

    Beauty Alchemist said...

    Thanks all for your comments, have a great new year