Saturday, November 1, 2008

Elnett Hairspray at Target

Have you seen the much lauded , hard to find Elnett hairspray at your Target?? A few boutique type websites have been a bringing it to us from Europe, but can I say I was wowed to see at Target? It even now says made in USA on the can bottom.

Elnett ,if you don't know about it is the stuff of beauty legends. Long a staple of stylists in France and made by L'oreal, you either had to go overseas or track down an importer. I got my can via mail order years ago and have made it last. I don't use tons of spray normally, and had others in the rotation. ( ok, I saved it. thats the truth, crazy as it may be)

Elnett is a light mist that gives good hold without hardly being there. It's brushable, weightless and you can style with it. You an brush right through and re -style if needed. If you want to tease hair, this is a great one for instance.

It's not cheap, right up there with Sebastian Shaper Plus etc. ( Shaper Plus being the gold standard here). Elnett is also on Target's website( just did a quick check) at $13.99. There is Strong Hold and Regular Hold I think.

Target is really bringing the brands lately. Good for us.


Anonymous said...

OOOO. I think I need it. I really think I need many cans of it. I think I'm getting in my car to go get it...

Yes, mad props for Target. I can get my Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream and Brilliantine there, now as well!

theminx said...

This American Elnett has a slightly different formula from the European version, so it may not hold in exactly the same way...can't remember where I read that (InStyle, Allure, or a blog).