Friday, December 5, 2008

Caron Parfum Sacre & Nuit De Noel

From many of my posts you can see I am a fragrance lover. One special brand is Caron. I have sniffed many of their scents but far from all and am slowy trying more. On a recent visit to the Caron boutique in PhytoUniverse Spa in NY, I was introduced to Parfum Sacre . On my visit there last year it was Nuit de Noel that was a new try.

Two perfumes my friends at Sniffapalooza have long raved about but I had not tried.

Both are very oriental and I am hit or miss with that group. But in giving them a chance I am a convert.

Both are also very much Holiday scents.

The thing to remember about Caron perfumes is the quality behind them. These are well made and blended and they will change on your skin from top notes to drydown.

Parfum Sacre is a floral -oriental. It has myrrh which is often a no no for me, but here it is slight and is just there. Parfum Sacre begins with a dusky spicy powder, then the clove and musk begin to come out. In the drydown it's all the above notes plus a nice hint of amber, woods and mimosa to make it very warm.

Nuit de Noel , lovely enough to begin, after a good drydown was so beautiful. I finally got what the fuss was about. Now this was in pure parfum form, which in any great scent can make you see joy. In EDP it is not quite as deep and rich but still pretty. It has rose ,woods and greens. Perhaps the scent of rose growing in deep woods, near a campfire. Nuit de Noel is a true vintage scent as well, created in 1922.

Both of these perfumes are very elegant perfumes. Also great winter scents.
Caron has recented brought out Galuchats. Gorgeous leather clad atomizers . The leather is made to look like Shagreen. Each scent comes in a different color. At $75- 85.00 for 1 oz they are well priced . I have seen similar bottles in other brands for much more . Plus, it's Caron. Chic.

My favorite Caron is Lady Caron. I have some EDP and I tried this is parfum this time and nearly wept. One to add to the list. Lady Caron is a big but soft while floral.
Caron can be ordered via the boutique at 1-877-88CARON, ask for Diane.

Right now you get 20% your order from the boutique via Diane. This is a limited offer and I am not sure how long it will be on. Caron never has discounts , so if you want to buy, this is definitely the time to do it.

Caron is also at Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel and some Nordstroms. Online at ( but not the Galuchats)

Caron boutique:
715 Lexington Ave. at 58th.


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