Monday, December 8, 2008

Kwiat - All I Want for Christmas

I have discovered what I want for Christmas. I mean, I was just thinking that I need/want very little. A down blanket was pretty well at the top of the list and then I saw THIS. Ok, it's a bit spendy and all, but isn't it beautiful?

It's the most stunning ring I've seen in awhile, and believe me, I look.

(Now patiently waiting to hit the lottery and such.)

The ring is 11.86 carats of gorgeous set in Platinum( Santa Baby, the deed to a platinum mine.....) and sells for $ 60,000

Kwiat # 14197 – Kwiat Legacy Collection diamond ring

Kwiat Boutique
725 Madison Avenue, NYC

Whats your ultimate/ fantasy ( material ) gift ?


theminx said...

We dealt with Kwiat at the store and it's a good quality product. "Kwiat" means "flower" in Polish, btw.

Anonymous said...

Holy g*d, that ring is amazing! You have excellent taste, my dear:)