Thursday, September 3, 2009

Michael Kors Very Hollywood

Michael Kors wants to keep us in the perfume. He has a new scent thats getting lots of press in the September issues- Very Hollywood.

Very Hollywood is a much softer scent that it's name might imply. Not soft as in powder, just a lighter scent. There's bergamot , mandarin, jasmine, ylang ylang, gardenia , orris, amber, moss and vetiver. Now in that list are quite a few of my favorites notes so it's not surprising I liked this.

It goes on lightly and has nice sillage but I do wish it lasted longer. It's quite pretty and can easily be re-sprayed throughout the day or night.

There are some fun accessories here as the collection includes a scented pen( I must have this) and a solid perfume ring( good for re-application thru the day or night).

To coinicide with the release a website has been launched where you can enter contests, upload your image to go viral and create your own captions, and read Michael Kors beauty tips.

1oz EDP $ 45.00
1.7 EDP $ 65.00
Signature Scented Pen $ 25.00 ( LE)
Solid Perfume Ring $ 40.00


Big City Beauty said...

oh i love some of michael kors' perfumes. and i love the idea of the perfume ring. definitely great for reapplying throughout the day... especially when you're out! i clicked on your link to check out the ring and its pretty cute! i might check this one out... thanks for the update! ;)

Beauty Alchemist said...

Let me know how you like it