Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shu Uemura New Eyebrow Gel

Shu Uemura has brought out many new great products for fall. One I most want to try is the new eyebrow gel.

If you have light brows it can be hard to find the right shade. It's only recent that I've had to deal more with filling in my brows, so I am in the experimenting stage. Pencils seem so-so at best. The blonde shade here looks very promising.

The details:

-Creates a subtle, long-lasting color tint for natural and elegant brows
-Gives the coverage of a powder, but is almost undetectable
-Waterproof as well as resistant to sebum, the gel stays perfect all day
-The precisely selected colors range from deep defining shades to lighter sheer color to match even the most difficult shades of brows

Price - $24.00


Alexandra said...

That blonde shade does look perfect! I think I'll have to put this on my wishlist...thanks for posting!


Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks,let me know if you try it.

Anonymous said...

I just bought this, and while I haven't used it long enough to give it a proper review, I can give you my first impressions.
I bought the brush that should be used to apply it, and it seems as though the bristles are uneven such that it makes really precise application difficult. The color is OK (my brows are very dark brown), but on really sparse areas the gel applies kind of sheer. Again, I haven't played with it long enough to determine whether an extra coat or 2 would do the trick. I haven't noticed it being especially long-lasting or smudge-proof, and I haven't had the opportunity to test its waterproof-ness.
Overall, I am disappointed with the first couple of uses. My suggestion would be that if you're already happy with the product you're using for your brows, don't waste your money on this product.