Friday, September 18, 2009

Peter Som Part 2- Backstage Hair and Makeup

Going backstage at Peter Som I got to see the amazing Tom Pecheux in action . It's not everyday you get to see one of the best and revered in the business do their thing. On the hair end , the delightful Jimmy Paul from Bumble & bumble was in charge. I've seen him work before, and note his name in many fashion editorials in the big magazines.

The makeup was inspired by the 70s' nods to the 30's and pictures from Helmut Newton of that era. Pecheux said he wanted the girls to look girly , light, getting made up, but not yet doing the grown up black lines (eyeliner).
An interesting part was that he heavily powdered the lip after painting. He used a large brush fan powder over the lip for extra muted matteness. The C shape of the blush seems to be a bit of trend as well. This type of exagerrated blush showed up in many shows.

The hair was was first rolled into a softer version of braids Paul said. He then wanted a hard shine to the hair and got a wet look by using a lot of thickening spray. Thickening spray he said, actually dries down to a very stiff set but is easily brushed out. A tight bun then finished the look, which was set to be holding up wonderful headpieces from Albertus Swanepoel ( see them in my previous post ). Paul called the look " Street but sweet", his favorite quote from a co -worker.

Here's the products used by Tom Pecheux at Peter Som:

EYE: PRO Red Violet Eye Shadow – applied to lid, from lash line
up to brow and underneath the eye.
Fascinating Eye Kohl – added to inner corners of the eye to brighten.
Emphasize Sculpt and Shape Powder – layered on top of the Fascinating.
Blackdazzle Dazzlelash Mascara – layered through the top
and bottom lashes

FACE: Studio Sculpt Foundation – to prep the skin.
Pro Bright Coral Blush – swept generously from side of face,
over temple, down around to cheek bones.
Emphasize Sculpt and Shape Powder – brushed onto the tops of
cheekbones and down the nose to highlight.
Invisible Set Powder – dusted over skin to create a soft, matte finish.

LIP: Pink Burst Lipstick – brushed onto the lips for a fuchsia lip.
Invisible Set Powder – tapped over lips for a soft, matte look.

all photos:the beauty alchemist

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