Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bamford Body

Bamford is a specialty line/farm/shop in the UK that includes a spa called the Haybarn . I've read about the Haybarn in many magazines and being an avid Anglophile have it on the "to visit someday" list. They specialize in holistic and ayurvedic treatments.

Since I don't see a trip there in the near future, I'm happy to be able to have some Bamford here in the States. The spa has a whole line of organic body products available here.

Their Organic line is body cream and body oil in either Rosemary or Camomile. I've been using the Camomile. The Moisturizing Body Cream is highly moisturizing without being greasy . The scent is of herbs, especially the camomile. The Nourishing Body Oil is not a dry oil but not heavy either. It gets the job done and can be used directly on skin or in the bath. Both are perfect for very dry skin and are said to be well tolerated by sensitive skin.

The lotion has a blend of organic plant extracts of Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Seed Butter and Aloe Leaf. The oil has essential oils of Geranium, the Camomile , and Peppermint as well as natural vitamin E and Sunflower seed oil.

Made in England, Bamford seems very committed to having the most ( at least 95%) organic, natural product they can. It's certified and they even state on the box that irregularities in color may occur due to different harvests.

Products are available to buy in the UK via Daylesford Organic (part of Bamford) at

In the US the line is at select Neiman Marcus locations, Barneys, and

1.7 oz Body Lotion $ 20.00
1.7 oz Body Oil $ 24.00

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