Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Polo Red ,White and Blue

Many of the men I know love Polo in some iteration. They are happy to get it for gifts and so this holiday season we get a new one Polo Red,White and Blue.

This new one is crisp, sporty and has a mountain air feel. It's not overly aquatic but has a bit of those notes. More like cold, winter air with some herbs and woods. Not too wildly different but not the same as any Polos before either. It is said to be a cooler variation of Polo Blue. I rather liked it. It was fresh without being watery.

The scent was made with Winter Sports in mind ( after all an Olympic year is coming) and the logo is done with patriotic racing stripes.

Notes include:
Red apple,cucumber, clary sage, lavender tonic, creamy white woods and white musks.

4.2 oz EDT $ 69.50
2.5 oz EDT $ 52.50

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