Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nicole Kidman's New Hairdo

According to a British magazine , Nicole Kidman has gone short with her hair. She debuted the new crop at a UK country music awards last night. She is also back to a red color.

Now looking at this picture, it looks like it's possible that the hair is just well pinned up. She has done this before. So is it short or not ? Tonight is the CMA awards , and her husband Keith Urban will be there, so maybe she will too and we can see what the scoop is.

I think it looks ok. Better than when she does those severe updos that pull her eyes back. Oh, and does her waist look miniscule or what ? Someone get her a canape or two.

Edit- Saw a CMA clip and I was right. It's still long. Now why I even bothered to devote a post to this is the next question.


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