Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Duchess Kate's First Garden Party

Today at her Buckingham Palace Garden Party debut, The Duchess of Cambridge really got it right. Especially with her makeup. I am not usually a fan of her makeup at all, and while it's really not up to me obviously , it's drives me nuts.

Today was a softer look, she left off most of the deep, thick eyeliner that does her no favors and so now we can see her eye are quite pretty. The blush was a little more subdued, and her lip color is perfection.  It's been said she's a Bobbi Brown and Lancome fan, so I wonder ....

The dress is the Emilia Wickstead repeated from last week's Jubilee Luncheon, but she/it looks much better here. I thought then and still think it's a bit too old of a look for her, but somehow it suits the garden party better.  Of course I adore that hat so maybe that's made it better to me.

Even more surprising for royal watchers, Princess Anne pulled out another fabulous, feminine look. Today was  elegant beige  and brown  , last week was a  rich pink suit. This is not usual Anne but it should be. She does herself a disservice with her usual bad frocks.   These fitted  and pretty outfits are where it's at.

photos: daily mail

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