Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chanel Calypso Gloss & En Vogue Lipstick- Summer 2012

There are 2 new Glossimers and Rouge Coco Shines for Summer 2012. While I love golden beiges I went for the coral shades of the collection since I love them too and have been looking for  just the right one for summer.

I decided I needed deeper corals than what I had. I usually don't gravitate towards deeper but right now that's my taste. But they can't be too deep , and that's where the new Chanel comes in. Both the gloss and lipstick are just right. They are bright but not super bold  and both are semi sheer .

Calypso gloss is actually more pigmented and less sheer than  En Vogue lipstick .  Both are a red coral as opposed to an orange coral. I tend to prefer orange than red , but again these have been a nice change of pace. They're not red,  just more red than orange.

So if like me, you wanted a slightly bolder summer lip , a wearable coral that should work on most anyone, these two are worth checking out. With a good bronzer or self tan, you'll have a great compliment.

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