Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bobbi Brown Beach Shimmering Fragrance Oil

Bobbi Brown's Beach is a truly delight of a  fragrance. I've talked about it before . It's a summer favorite and it really does smell of all the best things about the Beach.

It's old school coppertone, salty air, warm skin, mandarin and a  light breeze of jasmine that really feels, or well, smells tuberose like to my nose.

Bobbi has always done great ancillary products in the Beach line,  most notably Sandbar Soap which was a cult favorite that has been DC'd for now. **Please bring back Sandbar.

But while we wait for the soap, we have new Shimmering Fragrance Oil.  This has  a  softer version of the Beach scent and leaves a light sheen on skin. The moisture is not heavy, the shimmer is not heavy and the scent lasts pretty long .  So don't think greasy and glittery because these are 3 things it is not.  It's not quite a dry oil but close.

The only downside to this , I think,  it is a rather small bottle ( 1oz) for the price of $ 32.  The upside to the size? It's quite portable and plastic so you can easily take this on all your weekend journeys.

I love being able to get my Beach fix this way and the original scent is still available as well in new bottle design along with  a scrumptious lotion.


socialitedreams said...

i love shimmery products for summer! this sounds awesome


Beauty Alchemist said...

It is a really lovely product and the smell is sooo good.