Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer- An Appreciation

A break form our  normal posts but one I am feeling inspired to do on the great Donna Summer. And hey, she rocked some fierce makeup in her day , so it's not too off topic.

Music has  always been a passion of mine much like makeup. I started  listening/appreciating  in a big way as a little kid. I remember absolutely loving Donna Summer . Her music  was a huge part of the soundtrack of my life for many years and I  still love it to this day .  I wanted so much as a kid to be a disco diva. My poor parents. I dreamed of going to Studio 54 - at age 6.   But Donna was more than disco as her '80s hits proved.

As I sit hear listening to MacArthur Park, an all time fav while not an original Summer song, I hope  Ms. Summer realized how loved she and her music were as she battled cancer privately. Her fans wishes would have been with her and now her family has our sorrow. She was a big voice, defined an era and more.

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socialitedreams said...

great post..she'll be missed!