Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bite Beauty Bite Size Lipstick Set- Holiday 2012

When I was in Sephora last week I spied this new holiday set from Bite .  It's so nicely packaged and that got my attention immediately.

First off is the festive box.  That holds the  tin that holds the lipsticks, with a mirror inside,  then there is a paper overwrap  and then the  5 mini Bite lipsticks.

The tin is easy enough to carry in a bag  and you can always keep one or two of the lipsticks in it  and add in some other musts like band aids and  lip balms. It'll fit.

These are mini sized and  cute with each one being .052 ounces and just under 2 inches.

Bite Lipsticks if you haven't tried them are antioxidant rich with resveratrol in each one as well Vitamins E & C and all ingredients are food grade .  They are highly pigmented and lightly moisturising with  shea butter and argan oil. Not balm level but not a dry formula either.

 The gift set comes with 5 shades- Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig and Pomegranate, which is the order in the image.

This is pretty much one of those stick a bow on it and gift, gifts.

The Bite Size Luminous Creme Lipstick Set is $ 25 at   Sephora   

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