Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Caswell- Massey Pure Frost Soap

Caswell- Massey,  maker of wonderful soaps, has a  new LE holiday/winter fragrance called Pure Frost.

Pure Frost comes in a winter inspired box with frosty flowers on a silver background and smells of light white florals , green notes like bergamot and a hint of vanilla and spice.  The main florals listed are Indian Jasmine and  Casablanca Lily. It's pretty with a crispness to it  and not simply all floral.
One thing to know about Caswell -Massey soaps is that they are highly scented. As in you can leave  them out as a room scent.  These are the soaps that hold their scents , which isn't as common as it should be.

They are triple milled and  highly moisturizing, which is just what we need in the cooler temps.

Pure Frost comes in a single gift boxed bar for $ 10 or a box of three ( hostess gift apropo) for $ 28.  EDT , Hand and Body Lotion also available.

You can see all their made in USA  scents at www.caswellmassey.com  
 where you call also see Gianna Rose Atelier soaps.  Also at specialty shops nationwide.

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