Friday, November 2, 2012

Eucerin Professional Repair & Smoothing Repair Body Lotions

One of the long trusted names in heavy duty body lotion is Eucerin. I've used Eucerin's Intensive Repair Foot Cream ( on feet and hands) for years and  like it.

Now that it's getting chillier it 's time to think moisturizing . I don't know about you, but I stockpile lotion .

Eucerin has formulas that are extra strong using  Ceramide-3,  part of skin’s own moisturizers, and Gluco-Glycerol that help to exfoliate the driest of skin and get it soft and smooth quicker along with shea butter.

New is Professional Repair and  Smoothing Repair . Professional is listed as for extremely dry skin while Smoothing is for dry.

This is an Urea/ Alpha Hydroxy/ Lactic Acid based formula which helps  the skin get softer, but do keep in mind you need to use SPF if you plan on being in the sun and that includes winter sun . Now in winter you're usually pretty covered but if you won't be or are heading on a tropical vacay,  don't use this right before.

Both Professional and Smoothing are very hydrating,  fragrance free  and sink in pretty fast.  You'll need a little  drying time but not much. 

If  you got to you can get a free sample ( while supplies last) of Professional Repair  which has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal .

Retails  vary, but are approx. $6-8 at all mass market merchants and you can shop online at Eucerin's site and Drugstore .com

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