Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream & Skincare

Amarte is a high end skincare line from Korea. Created in conjunction with Dr.Craig Kaffert of the US and the founder of

Currently available only online but soon to be at  luxury retailers their BB Cream is my first Asian BB. Asia  introduced the BB and their versions are usually a bit different from ours.

Amarte's Natural Finish BB has more coverage than any other BB I've used. It really covers and smoothes  and it is also highly moisturizing with shea butter, argan and macadamia oils.  It's a bit more moisture than I need , as it leaves skin very dewy . But if you have drier skin, or even normal then it would be amazing. I love  how it looks on.  I offers SPF 36 via physical and chemical blockers.  For this cold winter most of the US has been having, it's perfect.

The BB comes in two shades, light and natural tint. The Light , which I have, is very pale , for the lightest tones.

Amarte also makes  a full skincare line which utilizes bio organic ingredients from Korean herbs and plants. 

 The Heart And Soul Collection is a starter kit of a sort. It has 4 full size products. Something for all your needs basically with a light hydrator in Aqua Veil. Aqua Veil is a refreshing gel -lotion that adds just enough moisture for normal to oilier skins. 

HydroLift Cream is the heavy duty cream containing 0.6 % retinoand is thick but not heavy on skin.

Then there is the Eyeconic Eye Cream  , also rich with line smoothing retinol at 3.8 % , along with argan oil  and having a unique wand applicator at the end to smooth around the eye area .

Finishing up the box is a Daily Wonder Cleansing Foa and samples of the BB. 

Amarte BB Cream is $80
Heart and Soul Collection $ 185

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