Monday, February 18, 2013

Les Exclusifs de Chanel 1932- Fragrance

1932 was the year Coco Chanel staged an exhibit of opulent jeweled comets and stars made of diamonds.   1932 is  now the name of the newest Chanel Les Exclusifs fragrance  in commemoration .

 1932 is a lovely , really that's the word for it,  light floral. It's very soft yet strong with good sillage and lasting power.  White florals of jasmine and neroli  begin it along with citrus and throughout there is always the  hint of the vetiver note. Soft rose is there, but it not a rose scent,  and  it also flashes dry at times which is the iris note .  That iris stays fairly current  throughout the drydown.

1932 has a powdery quality which is something I usually don't take to, but here I like.  Even though woods notes are said to be in there, I get very little of them. Bits of musk and a touch of vanilla. but it's the florals, iris and vetiver, that stand firm.

It's a romantic type of fragrance and one that would never be out of place.

Jacques Polge,  perfumer at Chanel, says that 1932 was created "petal by petal".

 Les Exclusifs  de Chanel 1932  is  2.5 oz. $130.00, 6.8 oz. $230.00

Available at as well as select retailers. Saks and Bergdorfs being the places you usually find the Les Exclusifs.

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