Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Algenist Pore Corrector Anti-Aging Primer

Something to help make pores disappear? Banish the oilies,  oh I'll try that.  Algenist's new Pore Corrector Anti -Aging Primer is said to help with all of that and more.

I've had the chance to try  some of the Algenist line in the past and have always come away impressed. I love their UV Defense  and the Lifting Eye Gel is what I'll be using again partly this summer as it's especially nice for warm weather.

The Pore Corrector does  help perfect skin and  smooth out those pores. It gives a nice finish as a primer.  It does have a lot of slip and I feel it a bit more on my skin than I'd like , but that's me.You may feel different. They say it has a satin finish and  would agree with that.   It does to help  keep the oil at bay longer in the T- Zone. Not all day
 , because in the heat there is nothing that I am aware of that  does that on me. Please. But it helps.

This is a nice primer to use under matte foundation to keep your face looking fresher all day. It also has the  Alguronic Acid proprietary to the brand along with fruit and flower extracts. To fight oil/acne there is salicyclic acid and willow bark extract, to hydrate there is squalene and glycerin.

Algenist Pore Corrector Anti-Aging Primer is $ 42 at  Sephora  

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This is such a great idea! simple and beautiful, very inspiring!
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