Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Anastasia Dipbrow

Anastasia is  well known as the brow authority  and there's a new helper out to groom your arches.

I've found that I really like brow creams or pomades. I've only tried a couple but for me they seem to work. Dipbrow is a creamy product that glides onto brow hairs and blends in easily ,especially if you use a brush  like the also new # 12 Large Synthetic Duo .  With an angled brush for applying one end and a spoolie on the other, you've got what you need.

One thing to know with Dipbrow is that you only need a very small amount. I used too much at first and you probably will too. It's easy to do.  I wipe some off on my hand  if needed before using. A little here goes a long way.

Using a small brush you lightly brush on the color , then when you've got the look you want, run the spoolie through to thoroughly blend.  You can use this to fill in sparse areas only or do your whole brow.  The finish is matte  and it dries/sets pretty fast. Anastasia says it waterproof with several water resistant ingredients . I can't say if it is truly water resistant but I did get long wear.

My shade is Blonde which is the lightest of the shades but isn't super pale.

The other available shades are Chocolate, Auburn, Dark Brown and Ebony.

Anastasia Dipbrow  $ 18
# 12 Large Synthetic Duo Brush  $ 18

Available  now at ,Sephora  Ulta and Nordstrom.

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