Thursday, January 23, 2014

Garnier Shine Control Cleansing Gel

Always looking for a new cleanser to try , I checked one of the  new ones from Garnier. I've always loved their cleansers going back to  Nutri -Pure in 2007 ( whew old  blog post there). So it's good to see some new ones .

Shine Control is a good gel  cleanser meant for oilier skins. It has a slight smell of charcoal , not  too bad but it is there.  Charcoal is one of the ingredients and is well known to be beneficial to oily, clogged skin. Salicylic acid is in there as well.

The cleanser itself does  a nice job. It gets skin very clean and takes away the oil.  I like that is has a mattifying effect as well and did think it helped keep oil down a bit in the T Zone which is the only place I have oil this time of year.

For me this is exactly the kind of cleanser I love during warm weather when my skin really pumps the oil. If you are  a year round oily , like I used to be, then this would be a solid  cleanser choice.

If you have other skin types, Garnier has many new cleansers out including cream, foam and oil ones. Something for every skin .

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